2018 Agenda

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Corporate Health & Well-being Training | Core CCWS

08:00 am - 05:00 pm Oct 28, 2018

Room 305 AB


What you learn Becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist¨ sends a clear message to the business community, prospective clients, colleagues, and potential candidates for employment. A Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist knows: How to successfully implement and manage a wellness program The best practices in wellness programs including the future of well-being trends and most up-to-date case studies on the pillars that make up a robust program How to tailor a wellness & well-being program to meet the needs of specific corporate culture and how to analyze that culture, plan for change and incorporate next steps for top-down training strategies The latest rules and regulations issued by the Department of Labor How to restructure company policy to remain compliant with guidelines issued by the EEOC, HIPAA, ACA, and ADA How to drive an organizationÕs health care costs down by providing the tools, education, and motivation to make employees live healthier and more productive lifestyles. The strategies to gain timely and relevant information about driving engagement across the generations


  • Complexity
  • Continuing Education
Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®
  • Industry Niche
Corporate Wellness & Well-being
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Certification Workshop
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Financial Wellness
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Mental & Behavioral Health
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Onsite Health & Wellness