2018 Agenda

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Breakout Sessions

TGIM: Thank God It's Monday

11:00 am - 11:50 am Oct 29, 2018

Room 305 AB


The science behind investing in a happier workplace and the data that can be gathered about the emotional wellbeing of employees The next steps that result from analyzing that data An overview of the elements in a workplace that actually can lift employee wellness immediately How collaboration between generations and divisions can drive employee wellness How the bottom line benefits from investing in key elements that drive employee wellness/engagement The MISOGI Method and how it can be applied to increase employee wellness, productivity and idea innovation in the workplace


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Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®
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Corporate Wellness & Well-being
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Genomics & Personalized Medicine
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Medical Tourism & Direct Contracting
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US Healthcare Reform
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Voluntary Benefits
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Summit Session
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Benefits Design
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Financial Wellness
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