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Substance Abuse and Employees: What Employers Need to Know

10:00 am - 10:50 am Oct 30, 2018

Room 304 H


The opioid epidemic has catapulted employee substance abuse and treatment issues to the top of list of priorities for employees. One recent study found that prescription painkiller abuse is costing employers nationwide an estimated $25.5 billion a year in missed workdays and lost productivity, according to one study. With the rise of drug addiction related costs to the employer – employee productivity, absenteeism, disability costs, workers’ compensation claims and overall medical expenses, HR professionals walk a fine line when trying to have early intervention and provide the help an employee needs to help minimize the overall risk to the organization. During this interactive Summit, we will explore: • Current statistics and trends around opioid misuse and abuse in the workplace • How employers can work with health plans and pharmacy benefits managers to address the issue • Alternative treatment options to non-opioid pain management • Carrier, Employer, Provider and Rehabilitation/Treatment Facility Perspectives • Best Practices on the Interventions and Treatment of Employees • Destigmatizing of Addiction in the Workplace and Shift to Disease Management Approaches • Employer strategies to help keep top talent and get them the treatment they need to have sustainable recovery and success the new face of healthcare in America. How do you effectively communicate with your employees, and get them to listen during open enrollment? Why should you spend the time to explain it to them and teach them to understand what their plan means?


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