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Ignite Talk 2 Innovation via Disruption: Change that Creates

01:25 pm - 01:45 pm Oct 28, 2018

Room 300


Innovation via Disruption: Change that Creates Organizations often search for answers within a self-imposed box, but what if they escaped the box? What if they changed the way their organization functions by turning that box on its side? Disrupting the "norms" that organizations impose on themselves is a tricky business, but once you change how the game is played, you create a brand new game. Corporate turnaround artist, innovative disruptor, and self-proclaimed Chief Inspiration Officer, George Andriopoulos is the award winning founder and CEO of management consulting firm Launchpad Five One Six whose mission is to provide organizations with the tools to innovate and thrive. Having spent the first leg of his career cultivating operations in the pharmacy industry, he pivoted to his current role after a series of life changing moments that effectively unified the businessman, the father, the humanitarian, and the human being inside of him into a man that is determined to change the world while remaining true to the example he wants to set for my children. Co-founder of Shannon's Fight, a non-profit dedicated to financially aiding families in medical crisis.


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