2018 Agenda

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The Business of Genomics Summit

THE BUSINESS OF GENOMICS | Personal Genomics: Expanding Access to Engage and Empower Your Employees of Genomics | HELIX

02:00 pm - 02:50 pm Oct 29, 2018

Room 304 F


The personal genomics market is at an inflection point. Dramatic declines in the cost of testing combined with significant advances in our understanding of the genome mean that we can now offer individuals deeper insights into more aspects of their DNA than ever before – including their risk for certain types of cancer and heart disease, how it may affect their future children, and what drugs are right for them. By expanding access to this information, you can support a healthier, more productive, and more engaged workforce. In this fireside chat, we’ll talk about: What your DNA can tell you, why it matters, and how you can take action on it How this information can impact your workforce (and your bottom line) Why leading medical institutions and life sciences companies are entering the personal genomics market What the future of personal genomics looks like


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